Case Study

Emergency Response

Location: United States

Urbint Lens Used: Emergency Response

This utility company serves 3.6 million electric and 2 million natural gas customers across several states in the United States.


Leverage Urbint Lens for Emergency Response to staff the appropriate number of first responders to minimize response times and keep communities safer.

The Problem

Covering 38,000 miles of pipeline and 2 million customers, Utility Company receives 150 gas emergency calls on average daily. The utility needs to use its limited resources to effectively respond to these calls, anticipating when calls will come in and understanding different triggers for calls.

The Solution

Urbint Lens for Emergency Response leverages Urbint's Model of the World to predict the daily call volume up to 14 days into the future for 9 of the utility's service territory. When combined with an understanding of utility company's shift planning process, Urbint Lens can provide recommendations on shift adjustments to meet the utility's response targets.


Using Urbint Lens for Emergency Response, Utility Company is able to more proactively resource plan, especially for days that are expected to see call volumes that exceed their normal shift capacity. Urbint's predictions have been consistently 85% accurate, resulting in minimal shift adjustment for Utility Company. Further, predictions are delivered without requiring Utility Company to conduct additional analysis or modeling.

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