Reducing risk across sectors

  • Gas: Providing utilities with advanced worker safety, damage prevention, and emergency response technology.
  • Midstream: Incident prevention for energy transmission assets, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Electric: Protecting electrical assets from environmental and third-party damage.
  • Telecommunications: Ensuring reliability by protecting fiber lines from damage.

Major utilities and asset operators throughout North America rely on Urbint to reduce risk in their communities.


Bob Terjesen
Damage Prevention Manager, National Grid

“Really great job. The analysis on damage rate across time for excavators, along with using a modified metric to determine high damaging excavators, has flagged excavators that we were not historically concerned with. We cannot thank you guys enough.”

Doug Hinkle
Editor, Southern Gas Association

"A benefit of this program is that it can improve the credibility and reliability of project data for regulatory agencies. State Commissions may be more likely to understand and agree with a Company’s capital replacement program if they see state of the art analysis and prioritization applied to their processes."

Southern Company

"We like to create a nexus between safety, tech, and innovation and combine those to create solutions. This partnership with Urbint has allowed us to do that.”

Emeka Igwilo, VP Operations, Southern Company