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Our Process

Urbint ushers in a new age of solutions by building a model of the changing world, training AI to anticipate future risk, and helping utilities execute the right intervention at the right time.

Model the World
The root causes of risk to utilities exist outside of their infrastructure. Such as changing topography, cumulative weather effects, soil properties, co-located infrastructure, and third parties. In order to account for these threats, we maintain a continuously updating representation of your service territory we call a model of the world.
Train Artificial Intelligence
The multidimensional nature of infrastructure challenges demands a non-linear solution. We train AI models by combining our model of the world with the historical data of the challenge at hand, enabling the AI to anticipate future instances of the challenge. By using non-linear machine learning techniques, the AI will even learn to identify patterns and sequences of events that have not even occurred yet.
Manage Safety, Resiliency, and Affordability
Utilities manage safety, resiliency, and affordability for their communities. Our software helps you optimize safety and resiliency, while maintaining affordability.