Urbint Lens for Asset Replacement

A probabilistic, risk based system of asset replacement

Asset replacement planning is a key component of any distribution integrity management program. The Urbint Lens for Asset Replacement is based on the industry's leading main replacement decision support system - Optimain DS. Prioritize capital investments to eliminate the most risk or reduce future operating expenses (or both).

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Maximize capital spending

Prioritize capital spending using a risk model that can be fed directly into your overall DIM and pipeline safety program.

Regulatory partnership

Use a main replacement system that is known across the industry and accepted by the state and federal regulatory community.

Improve leak detection

Predict leaks with confidence, using your operating history and service territory enhanced by Urbint's model of the world.

Assess & Monitor All Threats

Assess risk at the pipe segment level from any Department of Transportation threat category on main pipes and all in-line components and joints, as required by Distribution Integrity Management Program regulations.

Gate Station to Meter

Service line, risers, meters, and inside piping risk aggregated as part of main replacement planning to provide a comprehensive view.

DIMP & PSMS Compliance

Prioritize capital spending using a risk model that can feed directly into your overall Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) and Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS).

Continuous Risk Assessment

Automatically and continuously gather data from multiple operational systems and keep the risk scores up to date.

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