Urbint Lens for Damage Prevention

A risk driven approach to damage prevention

Urbint Lens for Damage Prevention empowers a holistic risk driven approach to damage prevention efforts at every stage of the excavation lifecycle. Easily view 811 tickets, capture markouts, and centralize risk mitigation workflows through a customizable, mobile-friendly ticket management system. Use industry leading, artificial intelligence computed risk scoring and no call-in and damage results reporting to maximize damage prevention initiatives in one centralized location.

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Intervene on the right dig, at the right time

Maximize your damage prevention interventions by taking action on the riskiest excavations.

One system of record

Integrate with one-call centers, log markouts, and record risk mitigation activities, all within the same system.

Maximize damage prevention processes

Optimize education and awareness outreach efforts across your entire service territory.

Ticket Management System

All of your 811 ticket information in one location. Assign, monitor, and document locate and intervention activities across your entire service territory

Ticket Risk Assessment

Per-ticket damage risk scoring powered by artificial intelligence, to intervene on high risk tickets

No Call-In Analysis

Insights on high-damage no-call excavators and where non-ticketed excavations are most likely to occur

Mobile & Cloud Friendly

Customizable cloud-based software application, built for the office and the field. Access 811 tickets from your desktop, truck, and on-the-go

Public Awareness

Maximize your public awareness campaigns and education programs with a data driven approach to target the right audience in the right place

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