Urbint Lens for Emergency Response

Achieve response time goals with precise scheduling

Urbint Lens for Emergency Response enables operators to anticipate call volumes and make informed staffing and scheduling decisions for their emergency response operations. Planning response efforts is made easier with emergency work order volume forecasts, split across the geographies, time frames, and the work order types that matter most.

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Improve emergency response times

Create precision scheduling and pinpoint where response effort is needed across the service territory.

Maximize utilization of gas operational teams

Enhance productivity of technicians' with less overtime while managing response time.

Intelligent tradeoffs between scheduled and emergency work

Insights on emergency work orders to assist operators in decisions on staffing plans during periods of emergency, and predicting each plan's impact on response time goals.

Forecast Emergency Work Order Volume

Daily predictions on call volume for daily emergency work orders up to 7 days in advance. Predictions provided by specified geographical areas or service centers. Distinguish between days critical to your operations, and the type of incoming work orders

Day and Week Ahead Scheduling

Make schedules days and up to a week ahead with shift based predictions across your service territory while accounting for labor hours.

Call Threshold Notification

Notifications for supervisors when predictions of emergency work order volume goes beyond the call volume threshold.

Optimize Staffing Changes

Set staffing plans between emergency and scheduled work, configured to the labor rules unique in each of your service areas.

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