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Using AI to help infrastructure operators make informed decisions and maximize risk reduction for every dollar spent, creating safer, more resilient communities

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40+ utilities, including 9 of the top 10 largest gas utilities in North America, use Urbint to reduce risk in their communities

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Urbint Lens for Damage Prevention

Maximize damage prevention efforts across every stage of the excavation lifecycle. Capture every markout, target the riskiest digs, and gain no call-in clarity throughout your entire service territory in one centralized location. Customizable workflows, cloud-deployable, and mobile friendly.

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Urbint Lens for Emergency Response

Improve emergency response times across your service territory. Schedule responders and technicians with forecasted emergency call order volume days and weeks ahead and confidently make staffing and scheduling adjustments to increase efficiency with the changing environment.

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Urbint Lens for Worker Safety

Use AI to identify your most severe safety threats each day and stay one step ahead. Proactively intervene to protect your workers and meet your safety assurance goals.

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Emeka Igwilo
VP Operations, Southern Company

"We like to create a nexus between safety, tech, and innovation and combine those to create solutions. This partnership with Urbint has allowed us to do that.”

Bob Terjesen
Head of Damage Prevention, National Grid

“Really great job. The analysis on damage rate across time for excavators, along with using a modified metric to determine high damaging excavators, has flagged excavators that we were not historically concerned with. We cannot thank you guys enough.”

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Urbint in the Press

National Grid Looks to AI to Prevent Damage to Its Gas Pipelines

To cut down on pipe­line hits, Na­tional Grid is in­stalling an AI sys­tem from Urbint, a New York-based soft­ware com­pany fo­cused on AI for gas safety. Na­tional Grid said it also is mak­ing an undis­closed in­vest­ment in Urbint.

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Artificial Intelligence Goes Underground With Urbint: Q&A

“One of our core competencies is creating that digital representation of a utility’s service territory where we’re understanding all those external factors that impact their assets," said Corey Capasso, Founder and CEO of Urbint. "We call it decision intelligence, and it’s incorporated into the utility’s work flow.”

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Predicting the next power disaster

Urbint looks at previous gas problems, plus satellite imagery, soil and weather data, and planned digs near gas lines to map danger zones.

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National Grid forges three-year deal with Urbint for AI help to counter gas line damage

A three-year deal struck between Urbint and National Grid is the latest move bringing artificial intelligence more intrinsically into the gas market, as a means of protection and threat prediction.

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Urbint uses artificial intelligence to empower utilities and infrastructure operators to predict and prevent threats, making communities safer and more resilient. Urbint’s technology leverages proprietary Models of the World and machine learning to enable risk-driven decision making, enhancing safety, reliability, and affordability — all while reducing emissions.

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