Building a world with zero safety incidents.

Urbint is a field risk mitigation platform that predicts and prevents threats to critical infrastructure and the workers who maintain it to make communities safer and more resilient. Powered by artificial intelligence, Urbint pinpoints risk in the construction, servicing, replacement, and protection of infrastructure. Major utilities and asset operators throughout North America rely on Urbint to make risk-driven safety decisions to protect workers, infrastructure, the community and the environment.

Our Values


We work hard to ensure that we consistently deliver the highest value to our customers.


We’re overachievers. We’re discoverers and creators. We love a good challenge - and we love challenging each other.


We trust and value each other deeply, and we take care to remember that all we are able to accomplish is a result of teamwork.


We believe we do well by doing good. We value honesty, and we always do the right thing.

What We Do & Why

We are passionate about building cutting-edge technology to take data about our changing world – from climate, to urbanization, to infrastructure risk – and harness it to anticipate threats and keep people safe. We use the power of artificial intelligence to build solutions for utilities and infrastructure operators to solve their biggest challenges so they can more efficiently deploy their resources to the right place at the right time. The result? By empowering our customers to stay one step ahead, we make communities safer and more resilient.

Who We Are

We are a company of coders, data scientists, infrastructure experts, entrepreneurs and creatives working together to build tools that can solve not only the challenges infrastructure operators face today, but also the challenges of tomorrow.


Corey Capasso

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Troy

Head of Finance & Operations

Lindsay Jenkins, PhD

Vice President, Strategy and Technical Operations

Jim Wharton

SVP of Global Sales

Luke Surazski

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Clark

Director of People Operations


Nat Turner

Co-Founder & CEO, Flatiron Health. Sold to Roche for $1.9 billion.

Brian O'Kelly

Co-Founder, AppNexus. Sold to AT&T for $1.6 billion.

Nick Stavropoulos

Chief Safety Advisor, NiSource. Former President and COO, PG&E.


Urbint is funded by leading investors in energy, infrastructure, and sustainability.