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About Urbint

Our Mission

Enabling utilities and infrastructure operators to make communities safer and more resilient.

Founder's Story

Our story began several years ago. What started as a hypothesis that we could apply AI to urban data turned into the realization that our technology could actually enable utilities and infrastructure operators to solve their biggest challenges. At our core, we're focused on allowing operators to better mitigate risk and more efficiently deploy their resources to the right place at the right time. The result? Communities are safer and more resilient, supported by a foundation of reliable infrastructure.

Culture Makers

We are a company of coders, data scientists, infrastructure experts, entrepreneurs and creatives working together to build tools that can solve not only the challenges infrastructure operators face today, but also the challenges of tomorrow.

We’re focused on what matters, making a measurable impact, constant communication and feedback, and learning from our customers to build better technology, faster. Our goal is simple: Empower our clients to proactively address their biggest risks and challenges through artificial intelligence.