Urbint Lens for Worker Safety

Reduce the Frequency and Severity of Safety Incidents with AI

Prevent worker safety incidents with Urbint’s intuitive, AI-driven, safety decision support solution that takes a holistic view of your construction projects to reveal hidden hazards and threats. Use day-ahead risk scores and assessments derived from your work history, schedule, and site condition data to model all aspects of occupational risk. Keep workers safe by implementing targeted interventions on the right projects, at the right time, before an incident occurs.

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Identify safety threats

Understand your most severe work hazards for each day to plan the most impactful interventions.

Protect your workers

Proactively intervene with audits, education and training at risky construction worksites to reduce incidents.

Improve safety KPIs

Meet your safety assurance goals and lower your serious injuries and fatalities and DART rates.

Stay one step ahead

Day-ahead hazard assessments, risk rankings, and site mapping views equip superintendents, supervisors and other safety personnel to intervene and make worksites safer.

Unified view of active projects

Urbint’s platform creates a single system of record for Job Hazards Analysis, Contractor Qualifications, Incident Management System recorded events, interventions and outcomes, and Site Inspection Logs, making all safety information readily available to simplify your workflow.

Insights powered by AI

Urbint overlays your internal data on worksites, activities, contractors, and more with external conditions derived from our proprietary Model of the World that includes everything from weather and traffic, to air quality, providing a comprehensive and dynamic risk assessment.

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